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It is common for things to start going wrong with uPVC doors and windows and when yours start playing up it could be down to one of many reasons. UPVC windows and doors are commonly used in residential properties throughout the UK and the frequent use of the naturally takes its toll over time. Most problems that you come across will require the assistance of a locksmith to resolve however as a homeowner you can diagnose the problems that you are having. Below you will find a few of the most common problems with uPVC windows and doors.

UPVC Door and Window Problems

Door Not Locking Properly/Stiff Handle – There are a few things that can cause your uPVC door or window to not lock properly. If the key wont fully turns and the handle is stiff, then it is likely that your door or window is out of alignment which will be stopping the bolts from fully throwing into the locking position. A number of things can cause your door or window to become misaligned such as, swelling and contracting in hot and cold weather, repeated slamming, handing on the door and general wear and tear. In order to resolve this issue, the hinges on the door or window will need to be adjusted until they re-align with the frame. Once this is done your door or window should be back in good working order with the key fully turning and locking with no difficulty.

UPVC Door Only Locking From One Side – If your door is only locking from one side and the key wont turn in the other the likely cause is that you need a new lock barrel. If you cannot remove the key after you have lifted the handle and turned the lock, chances are the central cam of the lock cylinder is slipping out of alignment. This is often caused by worn keys and lock components. This issue can be resolved easily by calling out your local locksmith to come and change the cylinder. It is best not to attempt this yourself as there are various different sizes and the correct size will need to be fitted a good local locksmith will be able to supply and fit the correct lock cylinder so that your home is once again as secure as it can be.

Handle Spins All The Way Round Without Opening The Door – This tends to happen when you have a stiff handle and you ignore the issue without getting it fixed. Over time the constant forcing of the stiff handle puts the internal parts under strain and they eventually break. It is likely that the spindle is broken inside the lock back box and this will either involve replacing the back box or the locking unit entirely. You will need to call out your local locksmith to come and gain entry to your property and fit new locks.

Broken Key in Window or Door Lock – Any key entry lock is susceptible to this issue. It is mainly down to wear and tear and is much more likely to happen when a key is old and frequently used. This problem can be avoided if you call a locksmith as soon as the lock starts to jam so the problem can be resolved, and you don’t have to keep forcefully turning the key. However, if this advice has come too late and the key is already broken off in the lock then you can contact Access Locksmith Solutions today to come and extract the key and take the necessary steps to avoid future problems.

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