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Here at Fortis Locksmiths, we offer a vast range of emergency locksmith solutions to both domestic and commercial customers in and around York. We understand that in an emergency situation a fast response time is required in order to reduce stress for the customer and get the problem solved quickly, this is why we aim to be with all of our emergency call outs within the hour of their call day or night. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all locksmith emergencies including, lock outs, broken key extraction and burglary damage repairs.
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Non-Destructive Gain Entry In York

Lock outs are incredibly common and at some point, in our lives we will all experience it at least once even if it is via a family member or friend, it could be because keys have been lost, stolen, or even locked in your home. Whatever the reason for being locked out of your property one thing that never changes is the experience, it is incredibly stressful particularly after a long day at work and in bad weather! This is why it is our top priority to not only get to your property as quickly as possible and gain entry to your property in a timely and professional manner. Where possible we only use non-destructive methods in order to gain entry to a property so you can be sure that no damage will be caused to existing locks or the door and if you find the keys to your property they will continue to work as normal. With this said if your keys are lost or have been stolen then it is always advised to have the locks changed, this will prevent burglars from being able to let themselves into your property with your own set of keys. If a lock change is required, then we will be able to change the locks in the same visit replacing them with high quality BS3621 or TS007 locks leaving your home safe and secure once again.

Emergency Locksmith York
Locksmith York
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Broken Key Extraction In York

Believe it or not a key breaking inside the lock is a very common problem that us locksmiths come across. It is usually because the key is old and worn out causing it to weaken and eventually break. However, this problem can also occur with newer keys, usually when there is an underlying problem with the lock causing it to be stiff, when ignored the constant forcing of the key can cause it to break off in the lock. Regardless of the cause when a key breaks in the lock it is incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, our team at Fortis Locksmiths are fully equipped and on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help. We can safely extract the broken key from the lock and gain entry to your property if you don’t have access to a spare key at the time without causing any damage. If necessary we can also inspect the lock and make necessary repairs in the same visit to prevent future problems with keys breaking in the lock

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Burglary Damage Repairs In York

Being the victim of a break-in is something we all hope will never happen to us. Unfortunately, it is something that does happen and could happen to any of us! Finding out you have had a break-in is a very distressing and emotional time, this is why it is our number one priority at Fortis Locksmiths to get your property fully secured once again repairing or replacing any damaged locks and boarding up any broken windows. The aftermath of a burglary can often leaves people traumatised and feeling unsafe in their own homes. This is why when we visit your property, we will carry out a free security survey to see if we can pinpoint any weaknesses in your home security and advise you on how best to improve it to prevent burglaries happening again in the future.

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